Energy Efficient Heat by Mr. Slim Keeps You Warm
Tired of spending a ton of money in the winter or summer to heat or cool your home? Maybe you have a room that is always to hot or cold… Do you have electric heat and want to save money? A Mr. Slim solution installed by KCA Services is able to do all that and more!
Extremely Energy Efficient Electric Heat
Small Size, Big Performance
All of of the Mr. Slim units are compact and lightweight including those that provide heat. The Mr. Slim product installed by KCA Services has been designed to provide high performance heating and cooling for tight spaces. The powerful Mr. Slim delivers plenty of year-round comfort so if you live in a home with Electric heat or have an addition or adding an addition but don’t want to add in the ductwork… the Mr. Slim product is a great way to keep that room warm this winter and cool this summer.
Energy Star Solutions
Many of the options available provide the designation of Energy Star rated! Very few electric heating solutions provide this designation and when you call KCA tell us that this is of interest to you.
No Ductwork Needed = Ductless Heating & Cooling Solution
Mr. Slim systems require no ductwork. There’s only a small, three-inch opening connecting the indoor and outdoor units. These features result in easy installation, less mess, and a better looking home.
Mr. Slim is better than baseboard and Other Heating Solutions
The Mr. Slim system has many benefits over the standard base board and other electric heating solutions.

  • You Get 2 For 1 – when you put in Base Board Heating you get only that… heat. With the Mr. Slim solution you will not only be able to heat that room but in the summer you will be able to keep it cool and comfortable.
  • Active Heat Distribution – The Mr. Slim product actively moves the heat throughout the space with the use of its revolutionary quite fan system. Base board heating solutions rely on convection to circulate the air.
  • Effective Zone Heating – True zoning means that you can tailor individual rooms to your personal comfort tastes. Perhaps you prefer it cooler in the bedroom or kitchen. Also if do not use your guest rooms, dining room, or bonus room regularly, why heat them day-in, day-out?

Explanation of the Mr. Slim Heating Process:
During the heating process the heat energy is evaporated in the outdoor unit. Then the indoor unit collects this heat energy while a fan blows air over the indoor coil and distributes the warm air into the room.

Why Mr. Slim Split-ductless Systems?
Compare and you’ll see no one surpasses the Mr. Slim brand’s performance for quiet, easy-to-use, and energy efficient operation. The bottom line is that the Mr. Slim product delivers ultimate comfort control for your home or office. It’s true today and will be comfortably evident for years to come.
Mr. Slim Filters & Cleans Your Air
Mr. Slim is designed to circulate air within the space using about the same power as a 40-watt light bulb. Plus there are two standard built-in filters that clean the air and trap virus and toxins while also deodorizing.

  • Anti-allergy enzyme filter which uses artificial blue enzyme catalyst on the filter filaments to capture harmful microbes
  • Hybrid Catechin Pre-filter fibers infused with a bioflavinoid found in green tea that has antiviral and antioxidant properties

Glossary Of Terms
Btu/h (British Thermal Units per Hour): A term that is used to measure cooling or heating capacity.
CAPACITY or LOAD: A refrigeration rating system usually measured in Btu/h.
COMPRESSOR: A pump found in a refrigeration or air-conditioning system, which pumps refrigerant through pipes between an outdoor and an indoor unit using pressure.
HEAT PUMP: An air-conditioning system that is capable of reversing the direction of refrigerant flow to provide either cooling or heating to the indoor space.
HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor): A rating of the seasonal efficiency of a heat pump unit when operating in the heating mode.
HVAC: A term which stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.
INDOOR UNIT: The air-handler of an air-conditioning system, which contains a heat exchange coil, filters, and fan and provides conditioned air into the space.
INVERTER TECHNOLOGY: Mitsubishi Electric’s MSY, MSZ and MXZ and all P-Series outdoor units use INVERTER-driven compressor technology(Variable Frequency Drive)to provide exceptional indoor, high-speed cooling and heating. By responding to indoor and outdoor temperature changes, these systems reduce power consumption by varying the compressor speed for extra energy savings.
MICROPROCESSOR: An electrical component consisting of integrated circuits, which may accept, store, control, and output information.
OUTDOOR UNIT: A component of an air-conditioning system which contains compressor, propeller fan, circuit board, and heat exchange coil. It pumps refrigerant to/from indoor unit.
REFRIGERANT: A gas/liquid substance used to provide cooling by direct absorption of heat.
REFRIGERANT LINES: Copper tubing through which refrigerant flows to and from indoor and outdoor units.
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio): A rating of the seasonal efficiency of air-conditioning or heating units in cooling mode.
SPLIT-DUCTLESS SYSTEM: A system comprised of a remote outdoor condensing unit connected by refrigerant pipes to a matching, non-ducted indoor air-handler, and a remote controller. Special cases for introducing fresh air may call for limited ducting to air-handler from outside.